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Duration 40 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Jun 09, 2019


9 friends live together, and 8 of them are in the living room planning the next party they will give. Suddenly, Saori comes down the stairs very angry, saying that she just can’t find her panties! One by one, the girls say that their panties are missing too, and they all suspect that their employee is stealing them! They make a trap and catch Jack in the act, stealing the last remaining panties! Oh, they won’t let him escape without being punished. All together, the girls take Jack into the bedroom and mistreat him in every possible way: bites, stifling with armpits, spits, slaps, facesitting ... The employee has the worst moment of his life, dominated by 9 women! How demeaning!

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Dec 19, 2021

what a orgy ! wow this man have soooooo good ! a dream for every man


Sep 01, 2021

I also like to steal their shorts ...


Jun 07, 2019

why they don't lick all over his body? :(((

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