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Outro , Lia Bastos , Luana
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Spit
Date Mar 21, 2019


Lia is telling her friend Luana how happy she is with her new girlfriend and how delicious the sex is. She tells her about all the spitting they share in the middle of the act and how much she loves it. When Ani, the girlfriend, comes back from the gym, the couple suggests for Luana to show her how good and hot mixing spit and sex can be. Getting naked and kissing each other, these three get horny very quickly, and Luana likes their little play too much, adapting real fast. They all produce a lot of saliva and take turns on spitting on each other’s pussy and licking them, in several delicious positions. I bet you’ll feel like being a part of this little play too!

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