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Putrid feet

Isabel , Alessia
Duration 45 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Jul 02, 2020


Isabel arrives sweaty and sticky from her run, her feet rotten and very stinky. She decides that she will make Alessia clean her feet with her tongue, and for that, she starts rubbing them in the slave's face mercilessly. Sticking toe by toe in her mouth, rubbing her soles on her tongue and still spreading her spit in her face, Isabel takes the opportunity to stick her feet as deep as she can in Alessia's throat, making sure she swallows, sucks and licks everything whatever is possible. The taste of sweaty feet makes Alessia have numerous vomiting cravings, but Isabel doesn't let her stop working until her feet are clean and hydrated by saliva. Putrid!

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