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Wet Lesbian Kisses

Demmi , Babi Ventura , Isabel
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Feb 08, 2019


This one already starts hot: Babi and Demmi are sharing a delicious kiss. Their maid, Isabel, enters the bedroom to leave a cup and feels disgusted about what she sees, complaining about the lesbian kiss. These two bosses can’t let her go away without teaching her a valuable lesson and playing a little bit of her prejudice! They impose her to lay on the bed and stay right under their kiss, watching their lips rub against each other and her tongues mix, exploring both mouths, while producing a lot of saliva. Can you guess what is gonna happen with all this white liquid? They will spit on Isabel’s face, of course! The maid’s face gets sticky with all that white goop coming from her bosses. Now she has a good reason to feel disgusted!

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Jan 27, 2019

Wet kisses are a huge turn off. They get way too sloppy and take away from the passion of the actual kissing scene. Please no more wet kissing scenes.

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