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Spit kisses surrender

Tay , Jaqueline
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Jul 09, 2021


Tay decided to play with her slave in a sexy wet domination, she uses her hand to gags Jaqueline and produce spit, so the slave will need to swallow her own spit. Tay loves that and start to get reall excited, she kisses Jaqueline's mouth wtih wet lips, giving to the slave her spit. This is a real exciting wet kisses movie you dont want to miss.

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Nov 30, 2021

i love Tay ;-)


Aug 09, 2021

Dear 9595, while expressing your personal opinion on this or any other video, do not insult actresses by comparing them. in past and now NewMFX have the most beautiful women in porn industry (this is just my opinion) i think we should treat them with love and respect.


Jun 09, 2021

^ If you don't like it then don't watch it or buy it. No need to go on a long soliloquy and put others down. You must be the best looking person in word with a six pack ?. Personally like spit movies but everyone is different. I don't watch movies with slave guys in it either but I know some people do but no need to bash something.


Jun 08, 2021

Horrible movie, I hate all torture movies especially movies involving spit. I refuse to support Adriana Fuller or the women in this movie. New MFX years ago would hire much classier and better looking women, example: Perfect Deep Kiss starring Pryscilla Paes & Sabrina Senna, these were 2 very classy women that looked great and knew how to kiss passionately & romantically. Now NEW MFX has slobs like Adriana Fuller which has absolutely no class and is extremely too aggressive and is always shoving her big fat nasty tongue down another woman's throat. There's no sensuality or passion and it's pathetic and I refuse to support movies starring Adriana Fuller or any other slave type, tortuous or spitting type movies. A big thumbs down.

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