Saliva face

Chris Castelary , Vick Reis
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Nov 22, 2020


Chris has an empty cup in her hand and wants to quench her slave Vick's thirst. Guess how she will do this? With spit, of course! Chris gathers all the phlegm and saliva she can, pulling deep into her lungs, and spits like a waterfall, letting the white goo run down Vick's face and fall into the glass. The slave's face gets covered with saliva, and the glass becomes more and more full, so that Chris imposes Vick to drink the spit afterwards. The slave can barely open her eyes with all the sputum in her face, and she still has to lick all the saliva that has fallen off the floor, so that no drops are wasted. So disgusting and gooey, yuck!

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