Brushing my teeth on you

Jaqueline , Isa Blue
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Sep 15, 2019


Isa is ready to go out, all dressed up, but when she goes to brush her teeth, she finds out that Jaque didn’t warn her that the sink was still broken! The brunette is already late and angry, so she will use her slave as a human sink. With a jug of water to rinse and rubbing the paste on her teeth, Isa releases a mint-like white spit that falls straight into Jaque's face. Having to gargle with the domme's thick spit, Jaque is extremely demeaned, but doesn't complain for a second. Isa takes the opportunity to spit as much as she wants on the slave, making sure she drools a lot, for the girls to learn the lesson once and for all and be more efficient!

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