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Onion and garlic's breath

Cintia Sampaio , Karol Mendez
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Spit
Date Jul 18, 2019


Cintia is eating the things she likes best: garlic and onion! Karol, her girlfriend, arrives and loves what she sees, because the blonde also appreciates these foods a lot. These two share the plate of food and begin to divide the breath that is in their mouths too, a rotten breath. They love to receive that ardent air and breathe deeply into their airways, but in addition they cling and spit in each other's mouth to also divide the saliva and spit contaminated by onion and garlic. In the end, they have their faces flushed with saliva and the plate gets empty. Can you imagine how much bad breath they have after eating both garlic and onion? Yuck!

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